WANTED: CHANEL Nail Lacquer iPhone Case

So deep is my fear of dropping (read: destroying) my phone that I don't even entertain the idea of getting a cute case. Sure, there were the days when I had Ye Old Nokia and I jazzed it up with a sparkling rhinestone keypad (for real) and a matte-neon pink case. My mom almost threw it away because she thought it was an old childhood toy I'd unearthed from storage. What I mean is, that's how coooool it looked. O HAI. REMEMBER ME? HOW R U?

But these days? A phone accident is a critical issue. I can't bring myself to take risks on a case that offers beautiful form without well-padded function. And yet...


CHANEL Nail Lacquer Cases. My friend Kelsey saw these on Shefinds.com. Click the pic to see their curated selections of faves.

These cases are just... It's genius. Absolutely awesome. Please, one of you, one of my brave, devil-may-care readers who says to hell with safety, pleeeease get a Chanel Nail Lacquer Case. Be gutsy, be glam... and then tell me all about it! I'll live vicariously through your new acquisition.

They're on Etsy for $14.86 from a shop called Casetop. Now if only the shop offered a Chanel Ciel de Nuit case. Now we're talkin'.

This is the case I'd buy. But at least I have the real color at home! Click thru if you want to see swatches.

Do any of you guys find this as tempting as I do?

xxo, Francesca