Fingers Crossed — Lucky Mag's "How To Match Your Outfit To Your Nail Color" Recommendation

Happy New Year!

As you begin to plan outfits with all of your new holiday baubles & clothes, check out this color wheel reference from LUCKY Magazine. I have been hoarding this since May and am ready to resurrect it for y'all.


Complementary colors are pretty basic...


But Lucky's advice on split complementary colors, color triads and tetradic color schemes are priceless! Click the pics to explore the article. I'm sure a lot of you inherently follow these rules (some of us have a good eye for color!) but it's fascinating — and very helpful — to see the tried-and-true method behind the madness. This is like, science or whatever.



What a valuable visual for those of you interested in nail art color pairings, or choosing the perfect shade for a special occasion.

xxo, Francesca

Lone Wolf Accents ... and Me!

A few weeks ago, I received an email with some incredibly exciting news. :-D

Lone Wolf Accents, a jewelry company based here in Los Angeles, had been looking at some local nail bloggers to model their latest collection of hand chains. You guys know I have some fantastic hand modeling experience on my resume, so was it really a surprise that they picked me? (Yes, it was.)

Needless to say, I was thrilled! It was so much fun being a hand model for real this time. Without further ado, I'd love to share some photos from the shoot with you!

First, the manicures. Lone Wolf Accents requested a nice & clean mani with a twist. Something to complement the goods, not vie for attention. I did a sort of Black Swan / White Swan approach and had my hands painted differently so we could have double the options at the shoot.

My left hand was butter LONDON Tea with The Queen with French manicure tips using Revlon Golden. My right hand was Nails Inc. Black Taxi with matching dots.

And now, the hardware!

The entire Fall / Winter Collection that Lone Wolf Accents has got going on is just beautiful. I haven't worn many hand chains in my life, and I was really impressed by the range Lone Wolf Accents offers. There were delicate, ladylike chains, on-trend Swarovski statement pieces, and darker, more mysterious "I may be a vampire... or vamp slayer" options. I enjoyed wearing them all!

As a special treat for my readers, the brains behind the operation, Molly Pearson and Sarah Macfarlane, gave me a hand chain to feature as a giveaway! What better time than the holiday season?! The chain I picked is as pretty as can be and will make an awesome gift for the trendsetter in your life... but will be quite tempting to keep for yourself, too. ;-)

Come back tomorrow to see which bracelet is up for grabs, and enter for a chance to win.

And be sure to check out Lone Wolf Accents because there's much more to discover than just hand chains.

xxo, Francesca

butter LONDON — Shag

And now, another new shade from butter LONDON's fall lineup — Shag*!

Shag is such a foxy shade, perfect for fall. Here in California, the only rusty shade I see is on old cars... but I remember my days on the East Coast. I recall the reds, yellows, and oranges of crisp leaves, the deep sapphire of late September skies... the comforting scents of cinnamon and apple... Can you tell that I miss my favorite season?

Shag is like autumn in a bottle. A deep, rusty copper with burgundy undertones, Shag has left me feeling festive — well, as festive as I can feel when it's still hot as blue blazes and feels like midsummer here in Los Angeles.

The formula was smooth and very pigmented; my look required only 2 coats. I found that it chipped after 5 days, which was a little disappointing, but I still think 5 days is a good run. As always, when choosing a shade as reflective as this, be sure to buff your nails so that you've got a smooth surface to work with — or else the gleaming finish will highlight ridges & imperfections.

xx, Francesca

*product provided for honest review

butter LONDON — Dodgy Barnett

Oi! The birds at butter LONDON have sent me a few colors to try from their fall collection. So, first up is Dodgy Barnett*!

We'll get to basics straightaway. Yes, it goes on smoothly; smooth as silk since butter LONDON's formula is, as you may know, one of the best. (Like most of my manis, I wore this for a full week and only started to get little chips on the 6th day, and even then they were barely noticeable.) I strongly considered putting down a coat or two of ORLY Mirror Mirror, a pale creamy gray, to give myself a good base, but I decided against it. I wanted to see Dodgy Barnett in its full glory.

It's a holographic polish, but it's a bit unusual in that it's not a true holo that goes on opaque and is crazy crazy bling, like Nfu Oh 61. Instead, you can see that the holographic specks (too small to even call them microglitter) are suspended in a translucent base — almost clear, but not quite.

The first coat did amazing coverage and no streakiness at all. The second coat nearly satisfied me. If you have naturally beautiful nails with pretty moons and tips, then two coats may be the perfect way for you to show off. I, however, wanted GLITTERO MAXIMO, so I applied a third thin coat and got just what I asked for. Awesomeness.

The thing to remember, my Polishment pal, is that you and I... we know nail polish. We are no stranger to holos. We've seen so many pictures online, we've been left with the feeling that holos are not particularly unusual. And you're right, they are not. To polish people, they aren't. But to the average Joe or Jane...

You guys, this rocked my coworker's (and friends!) worlds. Dodgy Barnett was treated liked a big time celeb around here. Kind of comical, actually. I haven't gotten compliments like this in a while. Of course I was flattered, but I was also terribly amused. It was just so... quaint. All this hubbub over a holo? Oh, you silly, silly noobs.

Then I looked back down at my nails and thought, huh. Maybe you all have a point.

While it's true that Dodgy Barnett is not as early-2000s BAM holo as it could be, that's exactly why I like it. It's a pretty, (somewhat) sophisticated holo that is a great addition to your Stash if you're looking for a little pizazz. And as a side note, although this is part of butter LONDON's Fall 2012 collection, I think this color's totally appropriate all year round.

holothere, Francesca

*product provided for honest review

butter LONDON — Fall / Winter 2012 Collection

Those wily Brits have been at it again! Here's my Friday scoop, as promised. The birds at butter LONDON have rallied up a fantastic array of tweed-inspired, earthy colors for Fall & Winter. I love butter LONDON's packaging, I love their formula, but most of all I love their naming scheme. butter LONDON embraces all things English, right down to the Britspeak theme.

Now, I consider myself slightly above average when it comes to Britspeak. First off, I have read all of the Harry Potter canon, so there's that for starters.

Add to that, I've had two Brit bosses in my professional life, and they gave me unique insight into British vernacular and personal habits. The tea thing? It's no joke. Neither are pocket squares. I also learned that "Franchesker" is how you say my name in British.

So, if Britspeak is completely new territory for you, let's start with the essentials.

Easy peasy, right? Roight. So now let's meet butter LONDON's Fall/Winter line-up. News of the collection came complete with Britspeak translations.

These next few need no translation.

What colors are you saving your hay-pennies for? Must. Have. Gobsmacked. Loving Lovely Jubbly, too.

cheers, Francesca

*natch. Here's an American word for you globetrotters.