Nicole by OPI — Selena Gomez Collection, Part Two

The two I had to try ASAP; Stars at Night and Heavenly Angel. Look at these two beauties!

I was particularly excited to try out Stars at Night, a silver holographic bar glitter in a clear base. My friend Laura (who's guest posted here before) once painted a similar glitter by Sally Hansen over bare nails. The bar glitter would flash out in little bursts of holo, but the overall effect was far from bling-in-a-bad-way. It was more of an effortless sparkle. I loved it and was dying to recreate it. I used a cream-colored polish from a Digital Underground / The New Black set I had on hand and applied one coat of Stars at Night.



Struggling to capture the sparkle here...

Imagine me waving my hand wildly to get the glow caught on film.

Can you see some hyper-holo action there?

I rarely ever make this comment about glitter but... Stars at Night had way too much glitter and not enough base for me. Usually it's the other way around! The coverage was more complete than I expected. The next time I use this, I think I'll choose a light gray or metallic silver base so that the bars of glitter are less obvious.

And here's my favorite kind of bon bon.

The second polish I had to try ASAP was Heavenly Angel. It's a clear base filled with iridescent chunks; not flakies. Do not confuse these with flakies. These are thicker, coarser, very sparkly chunks. I realize "chunks" is not the most flattering descriptor, but let's call it like it is! Chunks!

I put this on over a gorgeous deep emerald cream by Illamasqua called Kink. It was a gift from my friend Alison, so it made this manicure even more fun to wear. (Thanks, AliCat!) I wanted to make sure that the chunks would stand out, so I chose a dark base color for contrast; it looked awesome. No complaints on this one, I'd just caution you guys to be careful with the chunks, because sometimes one will get wayward and stick up, or even hang off of your nail. You'll want to watch out for rascally ones like that before you apply a top coat.

Selena G and Green_3

Selena G and Green_1 Selena G and Green_2

I know this has already been an action-packed post, but I have one more thing to say, and that is: I'm giving away three pairs of Selena Gomez polishes!

From left: PAIR ONE, Mi Fantasia & Kissed at Midnight; PAIR TWO Pretty in Plum & Inner Sparkle; PAIR THREE Scarlett & Confetti Fun.

Entering for your chance to win is easy — just leave a comment on this post! No duplicate entries, please.

The cutoff for entries is 11:59pm Pacific time on Thursday, March 7th. The three winners will be randomly selected through and announced on Friday, March 8th. For this giveaway, only winners with U.S. shipping addresses are eligible. (Sorry for the inconvenience, worldwide readers!) For the nitty gritty details, click here.

letthegamesbegin, Francesca

selena_comment to win_lineup

What a gorgeous shot, eh?

Nicole by OPI — Selena Gomez Collection, Part One

Baby cats! I'm sorry I've been away for so long. I wish I could tell you that my life consists only of swatching polishes, hanging with my cats and eating bon bons all day, but sadly that is not the case. Although I do eat a lot of bon bons. I got swamped with my Real Job recently, but I've come up with some good ideas to make sure I don't go dark for as long as I did, ever again!

There are nailz to paint. Collections to ewww and ahhh over. Let us begin!

InStyle And Warner Bros. Golden Globe Party

So, Selena Gomez. You may have heard of her. Bless her heart, she was one of those poor Disney girls and is slowly blossoming into a quite a nice young lady. Her songs are fun, she carries herself well and hasn't gone down La Lohan Lane, so she's a-okay in my book.

The full line up, and some mist-creature that looks a lot like Gomez. Unless... wait. Bwahahaha is that supposed to be Selena Gomez? What have they done to her??

In keeping with its younger demographic, Nicole by OPI teamed up with Selena to create 14 shades for her very own collection. Some celebrity nail polish partnerships make me scratch my head (note that I have never covered a Kardashian Kollection — and never will) but this one makes total sense. Selena experiments with nail color for events all the time.

Selena Montage

Her collection is, holistically, one of the prettiest ones I've seen; we've got glitter, we've got brights, we've got pastels... shimmers, creams... well done, Gomez, well done.

Selena Gomez Collection, row one.

Selena Gomez Collection, row two. Like a kid in a candy shop, isn't it?

selena gomez_complete color wheel

The two I had to try ASAP; Stars at Night and Heavenly Angel.

Check back tomorrow to read my review of Stars at Night and Heavenly Angel!

missedyou, Francesca