We've had some work done...

Oh hello there. :) 

You may not have recognized Polishment. I gave the old girl a bit of a facelift — not a major overhaul, just a lil' routine maintenance. 

I've mentioned before that one of the reasons I've always loved nail polish so much is because I just love looking at colors, period. I thought this new layout would allow me to switch up the colors on the site at least once a month. Gotta keep things feeling fresh!

June's color is inspired by a Los Angeles treasure: jacaranda trees.

Like something from a storybook...

Like something from a storybook...

I'd never seen trees like this before I moved to California. They drop flowers that look like confetti, and when you're driving down a side street surrounded by these fluffy purple trees, you can't help but feel cheerful. They're like truffula trees from a Dr. Seuss book... minus the tragedy, satire and morality lessons.

To perk up your next pedicure, may I suggest Illamasqua Jo'Mina? This color is such a lovely bright lavender and will make you feel like you're walking on petals all day.

illamasqua jomina.jpg

That said, I know Illamasqua is a bit spendy, so if you want beauty on a budget, Essie's Play Date will do just fine!

essie play date.png

xx Francesca