CHANEL Taboo — New from the Révélation Collection

I cover new CHANEL colors for two reasons: 1. These pics are usually the closest I'll come to them because they're just too expensive for me to feel comfortable with. 27 dollars, whaddya think I am, Chanel, madea money? (Shout out to Kevin and Katie for feeding my addiction these past couple of birthdays, <3 you guys...)

2. This is the brand that gives birth to trends. We must maintain constant vigilance.

Here's CHANEL's latest colour: Taboo.

chanel_taboo_full size

Check out this closeup; looks like we've got some beautiful sapphire & ruby microglitter, all suspended in a navy-copper-purplish base:

chanel_taboo_close up

Oh, I just love that second shot. It's like a fuchsia-hued galaxy. And may I point you to fellow nail blogger Weekend Ramblings for a set of gorgeous swatches. Check out her post, she was pretty impressed...

If I make it to Nordstrom anytime soon, I'll paint a little Taboo on a crumpled old receipt or something classy like that — then I can judge this polish freely. Until that happens, I can only speculate based on these photos. But Taboo looks lovely. Spellbinding, even.

My one complaint: why is this coming out in Spring/Summer? Just when we're wanting to wear brights and pastels... just seems like an odd choice. But that doesn't mean I'm not drooling for Taboo...

taboohoohoo, Francesca