Be My Guest: Laura — "A to Zebra" Zigs the Wrong Way :(

With Essie Sleek Sticks, it's just not as simple as A to Z...ebra. where does one start... well, for one - i'm a HUGE fan of Essie. i probably own 50 bottles of it (a conservative estimate).

so, when i read about their nail stickers coming out i was ecstatic. i went to a walgreens and there were the "essie sleek sticks"... lined up perfectly. waiting. almost taunting. i must have examined the options and held them next to my naked nails, imagining the transformation, for at least 20 minutes.

laura_essie sleek sticks_o rly

laura_essie sleek sticks_collection

finally, a decision - A to Zebra. it served up everything i'm after in a non-traditional (re: not your regular, boring, single color) look. with a matte base and glossy zebra stripes, who could not want these nailz?!

laura_essie sleek sticks_close up

when i checked out, the sales clerk (obviously not a polish fan) made a remark that i might as well go get a manicure for $10.89. i scoffed and quickly assured her that this would be no regular mani. this was going to be different and last much longer.

when i got home i immediately started in on the process. pretty simple as things go and i was thrilled with the idea of not having to deal with dry time (it was a friday night after all).

laura_essie sleek sticks_1

laura_essie sleek sticks_2

i applied the first sticker and followed the directions to file the excess down and away from my nail. it worked. but... and there it was. a big but: instant tip wear. (gasp!)

laura_essie sleek sticks_3

laura_essie sleek sticks_4

i thought to myself, self - it's your first time with these, try again. so i did, nine more times. i wish i could say that my nails only got better but alas, i cannot. tip wear, to varying degrees, on every nail. #sadface

it wasn't so bad as to be noticeable to anyone who would look at them but any nail polish-loving gal would be as upset about the finished look as was i. a disappointment.

laura_essie sleek sticks_5i imagined them lasting all week and showing them off on monday morning to the other girls in the office. yeah right, these nails weren't gonna make it past sunday afternoon at the rate they started to peel back.

also, good to note here that if you're a "picker" these nails aren't for you. the sticker started to grab onto little hairs and fuzz and then i'd get even more upset. *bigsigh

so, even though a very cute boy said how he liked the "squiggly lines" on my nails… i don't know that i'd drop another $10.89 for a one night out, kinda interesting mani.

i say that now, but maybe i'll give them another go if i hear some positive stories. ladies? anyone?

just another sad reminder that all that glitters isn't gold.