OPI — Can't Let Go (Liquid Sand)

OPI_liquid sand_mariah I'm going to ask the question that's on everyone's mind: What happened to Mariah Carey?

It's kind of like there are two Mariahs. There's the Music Box / Daydream / Butterfly Mariah that loves rich colors like camel and cocoa, mixed with stark blacks and soft grays. A touchable, flirtatious, womanly Mariah. And then there's post-Glitter Mariah that bedazzles everything, prefers to eat reclining on a chaise lounge (am I the only one who saw her Cribs episode?) and dresses mainly in pink.



What a face...

What the...

So I guess it's fitting that the new OPI Mariah Carey Collection reflects her... dual nature. Some of the colors are sophisticated while others are major glitz. The collection is literally divided into "Studio Shades" (metallics and cremes) and "Stage Shades," which are all in the new Liquid Sand formula.

Top row, from left: A Butterfly Moment, Sprung, Pink Yet Lavender, and Anti-Bleak.Bottom row, from left: Stay The Night, Get Your Number, Can't Let Go, and The Impossible.

I was really eager to try one of the Liquid Sands. A new formula from OPI is a big deal! I lurve purple, so I chose Can't Let Go*.

OPI_liquid sand_indirect

Here's CLG in the sun. See the gritty texture?

The was entranced by these.

Can't Let Go has his Seal of Approval,

I love OPI's new Liquid Sand formula! It reminds me a lot of a velvet manicure, but it's much easier to do and not messy at all. A nice touch is that the sandy texture has a matte look, but the glitter embedded in the shades adds depth and sparkle to keep your nails from looking completely dull.

I'd recommend buying a bottle of Liquid Sand if you like purple or charcoal shades; the turquoise "Get Your Number" and strawberry "The Impossible" are a little much. Can't Let Go (purple) and Stay The Night (charcoal) are versatile enough to integrate into your nail wardrobe.

One more thing to share: I get nervous about daring formulas like Liquid Sand. They're generally declared a hit and explode, like Shatter (and its countless impostors) did, or they're a quickly abandoned experiment and become HTFs. So if you're thinking of investing, don't wait too long.

The Polish Aholic swatched the entire Mariah Carey collection. Click the pic to check out her post and admire her great shots.

Anyone thinking of trying a Liquid Sand Shade?

xxo, Francesca

*product provided for honest review