And Now, Some "Social" Commentary

Hello girls. (And guuuuys.)  I'm finally gittin' hip to that there Instagram. It's taken me a while but I'll admit, I'm digging it. I was thinking Instagram would be a great way to share with you guys all of the great manis I see at my office, on my travels (and by "travels," let's face it, I'm referring to "errands") and more. So if you like cats & nail polish, just follow me @francescanunez and you'll get more than your fair share of both. And maybe even the occasional baked good or two.

Theodore Arthur modeling his charming new wooden bow tie ID tag from the Etsy shop Cropscotch.

And the lovely Olivia Lily, sporting a custom-made 2D "gem."

Where else can you get photos like these?? (Do not say "the whole Internet.")

Another digital property I haunt is Polishment: THE BOARD, my Pinterest board dedicated to the nail and nothing but the nail. I pin pretty frequently, and it's become a great source of inspiration for new products, color combos to try, manicure tips & tricks, and easy DIY nail art. There are some Sunday nights when I'm stumped as to what to try next; a quick peek at my Polishment board leaves me with a plan of attack every time. I hope it helps you, too!

polishment_the board_010813

Look at my Pinterest bait. Mwahaha.

If any of you have nail polish blogs / Instagrams / Pinterest boards you wanna share, whether it's yours or just one of your faves,  please do so in the comments! Let's make this post a friendly forum for nail polish hot spots on the Web.

xxo, Francesca