Essie Debuts "Sleek Sticks" Nail Stickers

Well well well, Essie. It was only a matter of time, I guess. You got with the program and came out with some natty magnetic polishes, and now you're upping the ante... with appliqués!

essie sleek sticks

Now you know I've been tough on nail stickers in the past — does the "Sephora by OPI: Chic Prints" Disaster of 2012 ring a bell? And my adoration for Sally Hansen Salon Effects is well-known — Frock Star even made my Top Ten! So if these Sleek Sticks are going to attempt to elbow their way into My Stash, they're gonna have to be good. Real good.

That said, I am very eager to try one of these... Essie Sleek Sticks. The patterns and color palette are so fresh! Essie's taken a much more sophisticated approach with this sweet little dozen than its rivals have. Well, mostly.

"Love to Love You" and "Don't Cheetah Me" are making me yawn. But "Stickers and Stones" and "Over the Moon" are making me gasp. And "Embrace the Lace" could be a very pretty look for Valentine's Day if you don't want to take the expected route of reds & pinks.

Even though I vowed to count my pennies a bit more carefully this year... I think I can justify a little splurge. :) Rumor has it they retail for ~$10. Mark my words, I'll give these a whirl as soon as I can to let you guys know if Sleek Sticks are a must-have... or just a well-packaged dud.

Which of these new Sleek Sticks options are you eyeing?

mynewyearsresolutionsnoooooo, Francesca