Happy New Year! / Ciaté Mini Mani Blitz

Happy New Year, ladies and gents! Hope you all had a lovely holiday. I took some time off to kick back and relax with the fam and my three cats. Yep, I'm up to three. >^..^<  >^..^<  >^..^< The news of my recent adoption has been met with some skepticism. But you know what? Daenerys Targaryen has three dragons and nobody has ever, not once, not in the show nor ye olde canon, said "Gosh, Dany. Three? Do you really need three?"

dany and drogon

So it's 2013, man oh man... I remember when it become The Year Two Thousand. I liked to say "The Year Two Thousand" like a robot; that's why I loved Flight of the Conchords' "The Humans Are Dead" after just one listen. And now that it's 2013, I feel like the future really is here. I guess it's the addition of the "-teen" that's tripping me out.

Let's start 2013 with a bang. My friend Kevin bought the most wonderful Christmas gift for me: The Ciaté Mini Mani Month Collection. Wheee! I'm aiming for a fresh manicure each day, so brace yourselves.

Love the packaging...

Days and days of fun!

photo 4

here'stoagreatnewyear, Francesca