Giveaway — The New Black / The Digital Underground by Madeline Poole

Are awesome nails of your Christmas Wish List? Then read on... It's that time of year! The season where you skulk around the mall finding all the best sweaters and gift sets and trinkets and baubles... and purchase them for someone else to enjoy.

They say 'tis better to give than to receive, I know, I know. And I can only imagine all of the selfless holiday purchases my Polishment pals have been making... That's why I want to send one of you a special Christmas treat!

The New Black collaborated with Los Angeles-based nail artist Madeline Poole. Aren't familiar with Poole? I've included some of her handiwork below; she's one of the best nail painters in Hollywood. Click the pics to explore Madeline Poole's website. Or better yet, follow her on Twitter!

madeline pool_blonde madeline pole_blue madeline_varsity

As you can see, Madeline has quite the eye for color and is no stranger to nail art. She designed three sets for the The Digital Underground collection. You can buy them here at Sephora for $24... or enter below for your chance to win "Nile" from yours truly.

madeline poole_nile

Entering for your chance to win is easy — all you need to do is make sure you're a Polishment follower!

how to follow

The cutoff is 11:59pm Pacific time on Sunday, December 16th. The winner will be randomly selected through For this giveaway, only winners with U.S. shipping addresses are eligible. (Sorry for the inconvenience!) For the amateurish legal details, click here.

meowychristmas!!! Francesca