CHANEL Holiday 2012 Collection — Éclats du Soir de CHANEL

I always love to share the Chanel news that makes its way to my inbox. So what's the haps? Chanel is promoting its Holiday 2012 collection, "Éclats du Soir de Chanel." (Per Google Translate, this seems to mean "Evening Bursts." Mademoiselles, souhaitez-vous s'il vous plaît me traduire?)

So, notice anything... amusing?

The Holiday 2012 polish is called "Malice."

Granted, it is a devilish red but... oh come on, this is hilarious! The big question is if this oh-so-apropos name was happenstance... or a deliberate nod to the dark undercurrent of animosity that accompanies holiday get-togethers (in some families, at least). Teehee!

quellehorreur, Francesca