My Top Ten \ Number Six: Essie — Haute As Hello

Essie Haute As Hello, you devil, you. What a haute tamale!

I bought her because I'd never seen peachy coral as "look at me!" bright as this. What I couldn't guess was that she'd tiptoe into straight-up neon territory.

Haute As Hello is a little tricksy. I describe the formula as devilish — you need a steady, light hand to make sure Haute As Hello doesn't end up streaky. It dries semi-matte, too, just like a true neon does. And like a chameleon, Haute As Hello changes colors in an instant, going from creamy coral to fluorescent peach without warning. One second she's coy and kittenish, the next she's untamed and on the prowl.

In fact, the color varies so much (depending on the lighting) that I've got to share some other blogger's photos. Click the images to go to the blogs and explore photos of the shapeshifting shade, Haute As Hello.

And I'm not the only one loving this color! Check out these awesome finds that are just so Haute As Hello! Click any photo to explore the item on its native site.

My advice? Take a walk on the wild side and give Haute As Hello a whirl even though it's officially autumn. I think this shade looks smashing with golden caramels and rich browns, and even adds an unexpected pop to denim and olive greens. Who says peach can't be all year 'round color?

Another bright idea — a neon peach pedicure for November, so that when the chill winds blow and the days grow shorter, one look at your toes will call to mind warm breezes and carefree afternoons. Treat your feet to an endless summer.

wellaren'tyouapeach, Francesca

P.S. Missed the first few? No prob.