My Top Ten \ Number Four: Sally Hansen — Frock Star

My next favorite color isn't technically in my Stash because it's a one-time-use product; Sally Hansen Salon Effects. Color of choice? Frock Star.

I love glitter. And I mean LOVE.

I had tried a few other Sally Hansen designs and really liked the application. So simple! I had been thinking of trying out a new shade when a happy accident occurred.

I was in the bathroom at work, and I happened to check out the shoes of the girl who was in the stall over. Awkward, I know. Her flip-flops were cute, but it was her pedicure that really caught my eye. Even in the hideous ladies room lighting, her toes looked amazing. So sparkly! So much glittah!!

We emerged at the same time and, to my pleasant surprise, it was actually a girl I knew — yes! So, I craftily pretended to notice her toes when we were side by side at the sinks. I figured that was less invasive than mentioning I'd seen them... before. And that's how I learned that she'd used the Sally Hansen Frock Star strips on her toenails! Clever girl.

You'll understand how much I love Frock Star when I tell you that I wore it to my birthday party last year. That's a big event, and you don't just slap on any old thing. If there's one polish in my Stash that screams "partay," it's Frock Star. You can't help but feel happy when your nails glitter so glamorously.

I  have also invested in OPI Rainbow Connection; it's very similar to Frock Star. In fact, the last time I wore Frock Star, I amped it up by putting on a couple coats of Rainbow Connection, too. Regardless of whether you want to pump Frock Star up or leave as is, I really recommend adding a layer of top coat or two, so that you get a smooth surface and catch the light even more.


glitterismygoto, Francesca

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