My Top Ten \ Number Three: Essie — Mint Candy Apple

Pale minty green. Not the color I'd usually associate with nail polish and yet... it works so well!

Light greens have been embraced by more polish lovers than I expected! I give credit to two key influencers: Chanel and Beyonce, obvs. But seriously, Chanel and Beyonce are who we have to thank for mint polish going mainstream.

First, Pantone named Turquoise "Color of the Year" in 2010. Chanel took that proclamation seriously and released Nouvelle Vague, a color which reached cult status almost instantly.

Next, Beyonce released the video for "Why Don't You Love Me." Full disclosure, I like Beyonce's music but I LOVE her videos because her hair and makeup are always picture-perfect and so creative. Bey's nails became a sensation. All Lacquered up did a great post on them here. And what was she wearing? Why, Nouvelle Vague, of course. And thus, turquoise nails were in, game set and match.

I've never actually tried Chanel Nouvelle Vague, but I think Essie Turquoise and Caicos is a good substitute. The only downside to that color is that it got way too popular for me. This is the same reason I own OPI You Don't Know Jacques, but have yet to actually wear it.

I prefer Essie Mint Candy Apple because it's a lighter, brighter green. It reminds me of dinner mints (one of my many candy weaknesses) and ice cream. In fact, it's more closely related to Chanel Jade than Chanel Nouvelle Vague, but I digress. I just dig it.

Aand for what it's worth, Mint Candy Apple came out in the Essie Holiday 2009 collection, so not only is she gorgeous, she was ahead of her time. She goes on pretty opaque, which makes 'er awesome for DIY nail art, too!

howsweetitis, Francesca