My Top Ten \ Number Two: OPI — No Room For The Blues

Next up is another somewhat-oldie but definitely-goody.

The year was 2009, and I was living in San Francisco at the time. My nail polish collection was pretty demure. I've mentioned before that I went through a very long phase of only buying polish in colors that I could conceivably wear as lipstick, and this lead to many pinks, reds and corals.

It was summertime (well, as summery as San Fran is ever capable of getting) and I wanted to treat myself to a new bottle of something fun. I'd heard of OPI's collaboration with Paige Premium Denim and wanted to see the colors for myself. They sounded wild!

And that's how I met No Room For The Blues. You have to believe me when I tell you that this was an incredibly daring shade, considering the state of the nail polish industry in 2009. The explosion of color you see nowadays is the result of a very recent revolution. I actually remember thinking to myself, "Oh my gosh. Can I pull this off? Could I... wear this to the office?" Thankfully, I decided yes and yes.

The following week, I debuted it at work to mixed reviews. And yet, I dared to wear it to a Friday evening happy hour at a bar in the Financial District.

Oh, the Financial District. Imagine the most buttoned-up, clean cut crowd that you can, dressed in legit suits. Half of them are heartbreakingly socially awkward. The other half are wolves. All in all, a very conservative crowd.

I was in jeans and, with my bright blue nails, I felt like a rock star. Each gesture with my blue nails showed a flippant disregard for corporate dress code. I was a loose cannon. I don't know if a manicure I've worn since has ever felt so gutsy.

Although bright blue nailz are no longer as shocking as they once were, they still look just as awesome. NRFTB is one of my favorite colors because the coverage is awesome, the consistency is so creamy and lovely, and the color itself it just bluetiful. (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

And now, a gratuitous picture of a cat.

amiblue, Francesca

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P.P.S. Isn't the blue bird in this post's header gorgeous? It's a real bird! An Indigo Bunting. Special thanks to Weston.

P.P.S. I leave you with a hot A-ha track. Blue Sky, of course.