My Top Ten \ Number One: CHANEL — Perle Rosée

Let's kick off My Top Ten! My dearest readers know that I have a weakness for Chanel. Thankfully, I restrain myself from buying too many of the brand's gorgeous colors. Actually, that makes me sound well-behaved and pretty pious. Let's face it; if I could, I would. Alas, my cats need to be fed, rent needs to be paid and fine wine needs to be sipped.

Thus I have but a few treasured Chanel bottles in my Stash, and my most favorite of all is Perle Rosée. I remember I bought this color before I attended the first official conference of my professional life, back in 2008. I wanted to look well-manicured, but refined. Attractive, not distracting. What's more classic than pearls?

Chanel Perle Rosée fit the bill perfectly. It's a warm, metallic beige-y pink that gleams but doesn't glitter. It's modern yet timeless. Luminous, glowing, understated. It's totally chic and so charmingly Chanel.


I'd wear this to a number of occasions: an interview, a wedding, my own wedding, being tried before Judge Judy, meeting President Obama, meeting the parents, a premiere, a party... I'd wear it anywhere with confidence. Not to mention, I've yet to see a complexion it doesn't flatter.

In short, this polish is pure perfection.

onedownninetogo, Francesca