Polishment: A History

From the day I first learned about blogs, I wanted one. But I had my concerns. When I was growing up, my room was littered with half-made friendship bracelets and half-finished stories. And Perler beads. Lots of Perler beads. I was always eager to jump into projects, but unlikely to finish them.

Case in point, I created a blog called "Pause Reflect Review" in 2008. I'd always wanted to review movies so I thought... why not blog about them? Three posts later, I jumped ship. Then I started "Paw de Chat" in 2009; an ill-fated blog all about cats. (I'm sure you're not surprised.) It had a good run, but I lost steam again.

Years passed.

'Twas a fateful day in mid-October. The year was 2011. The new blog this time around... was Polishment.

I remember the feeling I had after those first couple of posts. It was very much like sending out a message in a bottle. Would anyone read what I'd written? And more importantly, would they enjoy it??

A year has passed, and it's been a great one. I never thought I'd have such sweet readers, such fun giveaways, and even such awesome polish company partnerships. The day I received my first polish to review in the mail, I was floored. It had been a dream of mine, and to see "Polishment" on the box followed by my address was like a happy hallucination.

I have you guys to thank, deeply, because if this blog weren't so successful, then I wouldn't have the opportunity to sample products, and I wouldn't have the drive to go out and shark my own, and then I wouldn't have the inspiration to post nearly as much as I do. It's cyclical really. So let's celebrate our success together!

Over the next ten days, I am going to post my personal Top Ten. My absolute favorite colors in my Stash. It's going to be tough, and it won't be in priority order; that's like asking me to choose a favorite ice cream flavor. Come on. But I am hoping we can all have some fun over the next few days sharing our favorite colors.

So, any guesses? Any colors you're hoping to see?

youaremahgirls, Francesca