butter LONDON — Shag

And now, another new shade from butter LONDON's fall lineup — Shag*!

Shag is such a foxy shade, perfect for fall. Here in California, the only rusty shade I see is on old cars... but I remember my days on the East Coast. I recall the reds, yellows, and oranges of crisp leaves, the deep sapphire of late September skies... the comforting scents of cinnamon and apple... Can you tell that I miss my favorite season?

Shag is like autumn in a bottle. A deep, rusty copper with burgundy undertones, Shag has left me feeling festive — well, as festive as I can feel when it's still hot as blue blazes and feels like midsummer here in Los Angeles.

The formula was smooth and very pigmented; my look required only 2 coats. I found that it chipped after 5 days, which was a little disappointing, but I still think 5 days is a good run. As always, when choosing a shade as reflective as this, be sure to buff your nails so that you've got a smooth surface to work with — or else the gleaming finish will highlight ridges & imperfections.

xx, Francesca

*product provided for honest review