Sally Hansen "Magnetic" Nail Color — Ionic Indigo

Ladies and The One Gentleman Who Reads This Blog (thanks Gary), a word from this week's guest writer... Scotland Yard. This polish is a lot like "The NeverEnding Story", full of wonder, but ultimately misleadingly titled.

They should call it "Sally Hansen's Affected by Magnets Nail Color." Because the polish itself is not magnetic. You can't pick up paperclips with your nails once it's applied. Sure that may be annoying at the work place but it would also be the best thing since Wooly Willy. Imagine you could instantly wipe out your credit card debt and by debt I mean just the cards. But that break from shopping could help you reevaluate your spending habits. Our nation is drowning in debt. But I digress. This nail polish itself is not magnetic. But hey, if your personality is, this polish could be just one more awesome thing people like about you.

...and we're back. I think it's always important to seek out other opinions, you know?

Anyway, I loved the Nails Inc. magnetic polish when I tried it last November. When I saw that Sally Hansen came out with their own version of magnetic polish, I felt somewhat skeptical. Would it be as nice as Nails Inc.? Would the colors be cool? Would there be a noticeable difference in quality? The answers are yes, yes and NO.

Here's Ionic Indigo*, a denim blue colored metallic polish from Sally Hansen's new Magnetic Nail Color line.

Have you guys tried the Sally Hansen Magnetic line? And if so, what do you think?

One more thing! Scrangie's got an amazing FAQ on magnetic polishes that you've got to check out if you're thinking of trying one. And if you're already acquainted with magnetic polish but want to get some pro tips, check this out!

xx, Francesca

*product provided for honest review