The "Glop It Like It's Hot" Manicure

One of my biggest sources of inspiration is the mademoiselle Pshiiit, of She's absolutely incredible. Her photography is completely pro (no car driving shots for her), her colors are gorgeous, her accessories are tres chic (the rings! the pendants!), and her nail art is oh-so-pin-worthy.

After staring longingly at this photo of hers, I decided to give this look a whirl at home.

This was really very simple to do. In retrospect, I should have kept it simple with only three colors. Since I used four total colors but only three on each nail, I was switching colors out a lot and keeping track of patterns, and it really did not need to be that complicated.

Step one, I painted my nails with Essie Borrowed & Blue. It was pale enough to use as a base, but blue enough to work with my palette if it ended up showing through here and there.

Step two, I honestly just glopped the polish on! I did one nail at a time, because it's important that all of the colors are wet as you blend. I found that I didn't need to be careful about the brush of one color touching a wet polish patch of a different color. Since polish is so thick, the polish itself protects the brush from picking up another color.

So, I glopped it on and prodded the polish here and there for an irregular effect. This DIY nail art is great because it's just so organic. However it comes out is how it's meant to be!

I loved this manicure because I felt like I had 10 little pieces of vacation on my fingertips. Aquamarine pools, turquoise Caribbean waters and clear blue seas.

splishsplash, Francesca