Spotted: Nails In Motion

Few things are worse than smudging a fresh manicure. A bird pooping on your car right after you've washed it, or the top scoop of an ice cream cone falling to the ground before you even get to taste it are a couple examples of similarly agonizing situations.

But wait! Every now and then, a genius idea comes along that solves a problem that you didn't even know you had, or never once thought you could eliminate.

Remember the days before the invention of The Slanket, The Original Blanket with Sleeves? If you were freezing on the couch but needed to grab the remote, or sip your glass or wine, or pet your cat, then you had to remove your vulnerable arm from the warm confines of your blanket and brave the subzero temperatures of your chilly family room. Those were dark days...

Well, thanks to the people at Nails In Motion, you may never have a ruined manicure again! Check this out!

And they sound really easy to use.

Have any of you guys tried this product? I am a sucker for anything Lucite... not to mention, I think these would really come in handy. Pun intended.

shallispend, Francesca


P.P.S. My birthday's coming up...