"Total Eclipse of a Star" Manicure

I'd had the urge to do justice to the holographic gold stars that saved my Neon Ombre manicure a few weeks ago. And perfectly enough, I'd just bought Nubar Blueberry, a deep blue jelly polish. Blue sky, gold stars... The rest of the plan just wrote itself. Here's my Shooting Star manicure.

And oh, what a happy coincidence that the cafe at my office had a makeshift karaoke stage set up. And so help me GAH, I was going to be a star!

Unfortunately, the little Booklet O' Songs was somewhat limited, so my trademark, go-to song was not there. Nor was my back-up. Nor was my back-up back-up. And when you come up empty like that, there's only one place to turn: Total Eclipse of the Heart.


turnaround, Francesca