Manicure Mania, Pt. II : A Tribute to Sweet Pea

You may remember this post about Mademoiselle Marie's awesome pastel manicure, during which I fell in love with a peacock lamp from Etsy. And, in fact, one of you encouraged me to splurge. (Megan, you devil.)

When it comes to apartment accessories, is there anything more essential than a vintage, opalescent, peacock-shaped lamp complete with a rainbow Lite-Brite tail?

The answer was obvious. I needed this lamp.

To celebrate my purchase investment, I created a manicure inspired by none other than Sweet Pea herself.

I used OPI Alpine Snow as a base, topped with two coats of an opalescent, sheer color. Then, when my nails were dry, I painted the tips of my nails with clear and dipped them into some glitter from Bath & Body Works that I've had since, no joke, 1999. The last time I wore it was at Dave Matthews Band concert. (LOL.) A thick coat of Seche Vite sealed the deal.

dedicatedtomypreciousSweetPea, Francesca