Manicure Mania, Pt. I : Sally Hansen Salon Effects — Mod About You

Remember when I was moving at the end of May, and my posts were few and far between? Packing was a nightmare, and although unpacking is a lot more fun, it's still a whole lot of work! It was hard to keep up with my posts... but that doesn't mean I wasn't painting my nails. I owe you guys pics. And here's how I'll make it up to you. May I present:

That's right! This week is Manicure Mania! I'll post a new long-lost manicure every day.

First up: Sally Hansen Salon Effects in "Mod About You." I love this product. Application is a breeze and the product stays put for days & days. (Unless you're my pal Montague, in which case your nails repel all things polish in 24 hours or less. I think she digs for potatoes or moonlights as a nocturnal lumberjack because her ability to chip polish is the stuff of legend.)

I was drawn to the pattern because I love SHAPES. Squares and circles are my favorite, and this had a little bit of both! The colors were great, too. Perfect for late spring / early summer, which is when I was wearing this, *cough cough.* But I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that I think this pattern and color palette is evergreen. I can see it working with any season.

arewesquare, Francesca