butter LONDON — Fall / Winter 2012 Collection

Those wily Brits have been at it again! Here's my Friday scoop, as promised. The birds at butter LONDON have rallied up a fantastic array of tweed-inspired, earthy colors for Fall & Winter. I love butter LONDON's packaging, I love their formula, but most of all I love their naming scheme. butter LONDON embraces all things English, right down to the Britspeak theme.

Now, I consider myself slightly above average when it comes to Britspeak. First off, I have read all of the Harry Potter canon, so there's that for starters.

Add to that, I've had two Brit bosses in my professional life, and they gave me unique insight into British vernacular and personal habits. The tea thing? It's no joke. Neither are pocket squares. I also learned that "Franchesker" is how you say my name in British.

So, if Britspeak is completely new territory for you, let's start with the essentials.

Easy peasy, right? Roight. So now let's meet butter LONDON's Fall/Winter line-up. News of the collection came complete with Britspeak translations.

These next few need no translation.

What colors are you saving your hay-pennies for? Must. Have. Gobsmacked. Loving Lovely Jubbly, too.

cheers, Francesca

*natch. Here's an American word for you globetrotters.