The Gold Standard — Missy Franklin and Her Awesome Nailz

Oh, the pageantry of the Olympics! The patriotic colors, the glittering costumes, the questionable hair styles! And now, custom paint jobs. I am tickled by how creative some of the female athletes have been with their manicures.

I wore a uniform in high school, and I remember how my friends and I would always manage to add a little pizazz to our standard-issue ensembles. Whether through fun earrings, sparkly hair ties or, of course, nail polish, we still found a way to express ourselves.

And that's what I love about the manicures I've seen at the games so far; very few are simply a cool color or a French tip; the manicures that our Olympians are sporting (pun intended) are their way of proclaiming their excitement to be at the games, sharing some personality, and showing off their national pride.

If you've been watching the games, then no doubt you've become a huge Missy Franklin fan. Her smile, grace, good sportsmanship and positive attitude are a true inspiration. And her swimming's not half bad, either. :)

If I could award Missy with a gold medal of my own, I sure would — for having the best nailz of the games! Missy sets the gold standard in and out of the pool.

Her star-spangled manicure is charmingly American; a blue left hand and a red right hand, with her ring fingers and thumbs painted as accent nails, adorned with American flags. She is CUTE AS A BUTTON.

Although Missy is my ultimate fave, there are quite a few Olympians with some pretty awesome manicures. So get some inspiration, check out Buzzfeed's post, The Amazing Nails of Women's Olympic Swimming.

I hope you all are enjoying the 2012 games as much as I am!

goteamgo, Francesca