Congrats! Two Top Coat Winners

The tribe has spoken. Seche Vite rules the roost when it comes to top coats. The lucky winner of the very best top coat is Heather, comment number four! Well done! Congratulations, Heather! You'll have to send us some feedback and let us know what you think! Although I do love Seche Vite, my personal favorite is Sally Hansen Diamond Flash. I used to love MegaShine, but I switched to Diamond Flash a few manicures ago and I am loving the results.

Oh, but the thing about giveaways is that they're so addictive!

It is my pleasure to give a bottle of Diamond Flash to Polishment's very first subscriber: Lulu. Lulu, please accept this bottle as a token of my thanks. I can't tell you how happy I was to get my very first follower. I hope this little treat makes you smile as big as I did.

The rest of y'all, stay tuned because I have a few more giveaways up my sleeve.

xxo, Francesca