Oh. My. MEOW.

I have been admiring Mimi @ Makeup Withdrawal's handiwork for weeks now. She's got a great eye for color, a fantastic stash and a wonderful writing style.

Just when I thought I couldn't enjoy her blog more... she shared a meow-nicure this morning.

I was already a fan — but now that I know she is feline-inclined... this takes my lurve to a whole new level.

Yes! It's true! I am a Cat Lady. A fur-covered, meow-speaking, cat-crazy woman. Astute readers may have noticed cats in the background from time to time, or a rogue orange tabby hair stuck to a nail. A bad foster kitten made a cameo once, if I recall.

I leave you with a treasured photo of my two cats. Because if there's one thing crazy cat ladies love to do, it's make strangers look at pictures of their cats, lol. (Return the favor and comment with your cat names or photos!)

Meowmeowmeow, Francesca