OPI — Just Spotted the Lizard

Hello again, Webcrawlers. Let's jump right in. Not a fan of reptiles. Snakes terrify me. If you've hiked with me, then you've probably witnessed my ridiculous paranoia for yourself. What follows is a typical exchange. "Is that a snake?" "Nope, it's a branch." [two minutes elapse] "Ahh! Snake!" "No, that's a shadow." [20 seconds later] "OMG, snaaaake! "NO. That is dog poop."

And lizards are not much better, because they are equally reptilian with presumably less venom but 400% MORE LEGS.

It will take all my will to watch the upcoming Spiderman movie, knowing that the villain is a human-sized lizard. Just what I need, reptilian humanoids to haunt my dreams. It is only my love for Emma Stone and my affection for Andrew Garfield that will give me the strength I need to make it through.

And yet... my favorite color so far of OPI's Spiderman collection is "Just Spotted the Lizard." I mean, I can see how its golden green shimmer is vaguely like the scales on a creeping lizard or slithering snake but it reminds me of something much more pleasant... like a dragonfly. Or an Egyptian scarab.

This color is an eye-catching duochrome. It flashes from gold to sage to sea green to teal. If you have green eyes, then this is a must for you. ALISON, direct shout out. Get this. :)

Now one note on application. A highly metallic color like this is unforgiving when it comes to ridges and imperfections on the surface of your nails. Make sure you take the time to buff to ensure a perfectly smooth surface. I applied two coats and made sure to paint on a generous second coat while holding the brush very lightly to avoid brush strokes.

leapinglizards, Francesca

*product provided for honest review