OPI — Outrageous Neons Mini-Pack

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I reckon we've all caught onto that by now. But looks like SOMEONE just got the step in and is ponying up some bright new offerings of their own. Well I'll be, it's about time, OPI!

I'm about to drop some intel that will make you rear up in surprise, so hold tight now. This is OPI's first neon nail lacquer. Ever. Whoaaaa, girl! Yessir, despite the brand's impressive history and incredible library of colors, neon's a frontier they'd yet to explore. 'Til now.

The Outrageous Neons mini pack includes four neon shades, a bright white base coat, and a top coat. The insider's tip for achieving best (and brightest) results is to prep nails with one coat of white, then top with two coats of neon. Colors dry matte, but shine things up in a jiffy with top coat to trot your way to a glowing finish.

Now some may say the neon rodeo's got one too many horses runnin' around, but there's always room for another buckin' bronco, especially when it's a stud like OPI. And they're settin' to shoot the competition right out the saddle.

Check out OPI's stable of wild, wild neons that the brand is letting loose this summer at professional beauty supply stores. And don't hold your horses, gals, because this set is limited time only. Just wait til July when it goes on sale for $19.99! And then, stampede!!

So quit horsin' around and lasso it up!

yeeeeehaw, Valentina*

*Valentina is my gorgeous chocolate thoroughbred from the sweetest free iPhone game ever: "My Horse."

Yep, now you can finally love and cherish the horse of your dreams that your parents never let you have. Pitifully, I have no affiliation with this game whatsoever, I'm just an extremely devoted player. My username is MissChess, so if you download it, friend me. We can race, and clean each others stables! Ow owwwww!!!