The Caviar Manicure

If you've checked out Polishment: THE BOARD on Pinterest... or just skulked around Pinterest in general, then you've probably seen that pic. Or this.

Dahlings, don't you know? It's The Caviar Manicure.

Top hats off to the crafty gal who came up with this idea! I had been thinking about fancying up my nails and when I started to do a little online research, look what I found!

At $25, it's not exactly what I'd call a steal. There are three total color options available if a Funfetti look doesn't suit your fancy.

  • Rainbow beads / Strawberry Milkshake polish
  • Mother of Pearl beads / Snow Virgin polish
  • Black Pearl beads / Ghetto Fabulous polish*

Because time is money, my friend. So if you've got more money than time, hit up the Ciaté kit at Sephora... but if you've got more time than money OR if you're feeling exceptionally DIY-inclined, then here's a great tutorial for you on, of course, The Swatchaholic.

I'm a bit of a picker, so something tells me a Caviar Manicure would be destroyed — by my own hands, no less—  in 12 hours max. Probably not for me! But if any of you try it out (or already have?!) then send some pics my way!

howmuchcanonebananacost, Francesca

*I really need to comment on the nail polish names that Ciaté has chosen because I am appalled.

Pink = Strawberry Milkshake. Fine, how sweet. White = Snow Virgin. Eh, my lip curls at that, but whatever. Black = Ghetto Fabulous? Huh. I don't get it. Why? Ohhh, because it's BLACK??

Really clever. Oh wait... actually that's really racist. Ciaté should be embarrassed. I am disappointed to know that such an inappropriate name with such a loaded connotation was suggested — and approved.