Essie — Poppy-Razzi Collection

Neon is back in a big way — and has been for a while. In fact, Essie had a fantastic neon collection a couple summers ago that was a daring dip into neon years before the trend exploded. I can't blame them for wanting to continue capitalizing on the fluorescent fad while they can! Here's a snapshot of Essie's new collection for Summer 2012: Poppy-Razzi.

I love the entire collection... but I have enough neon pinks, already have a neon red I love (Orly Hot Shot), neon oranges are a piece of cake to find, and that Essie Action is looking remarkably similar to China Glaze Sun Worshiper. I'm eager to see some swatches and comparisons for this set.

That said, the tip of painting your nails a creamy white as a base to make your neons really glow is a good note to take.

Which colors are you guys loving from this new set?

xxo, Francesca