Ombré Made Easy

Who doesn't love an ombre manicure? It's fresh, on-trend, and a great conversation starter. It's creative... but not crazy. It's got the DIY cool without the usual DIY complications.

The hardest part is gathering the perfect spectrum — or shall I say "was" because THE NEW BLACK is taking all the guesswork out of locking down that perfect gradation.

Click the pic if you're tempted to trot over to Nordstrom's site to learn more about THE NEW BLACK's ombrés in a box.

At $22 bucks a pop, a cute five-color set sounds like a smart bet.

I'm not usually one to repeat manicures, but even I would make an exception here. I'd try going from dark to light one week, then flip the ombré when I wanted to try a new look. And if you buy a set that blends well with your Stash, you could add even more shades to the ombré!

I enjoy the quest for the perfect ombre colors, but you know I get a little excited about nail projects. That said, I'd never judge a pal who didn't have the time (or patience) to sleuth about for the perfect shades and opted for one of these kits instead.

A genius idea, THE NEW BLACK. Well played...

howdoyoulikeyourombré, Francesca