Polishment Polish Party

As you guys know, I switch up my manicure once a week. But there are only so many weeks in a year! And there are so many colors to try, so many dots to paint, so many tape strips to apply! I realized I needed either more time... or more hands. So I wrangled up the girls in the office and said, "Hey LADIEZ! We need a Polishment Polish Party. Immediately. I bring the lacquer, you bring the liquor."

And it's happening tonight!

We're going try some new Texture Coats from Nicole by OPI; they're like crackle top coats except, instead of solid color, it's GLITTER. And you know how I feel about glitter. <3

We'll also dabble with some other shades I've been squirreling away and try a few nail art experiments.

Any suggestions? We're up for anything!

winemusicsnacksandpolish, Francesca