ZOYA — Pippa

Lemon yellow nails. Not the obvious choice, I will admit, but my manicure received a lot of attention this week! This was my first time ever wearing yellow and I was so pleased with the results. Really, yellow is not much different from gold. If you've rocked warm metallics in the past, then I'd like to nominate this sunny shade to brighten up your week!

And if my word isn't enough, then check out these pics for proof that yellow is far from mellow. In fact, it's MAGIC.

In other news, a friend at work let me check out a book she got at a yard sale. OPI "I'm Not Really A Waitress." It's a look back at their early ad campaigns and best-selling colors. I'll be posting more on that later.

i'mtypingonsunshine, Francesca

P.S. If you love Sam Edelman shoes like I do (it's just not summer until I buy a pair of his gladiator sandals or strappy heels), check it out! I stopped by Nordstrom in the Grove here in Los Angeles on a whim, and there he was, signing autographs — and shoes!