The Big Reveal — Who Is Gloss?

Hello and nice to officially meet you!

My pseudonym was fun while it lasted, but I'm ready to go public! The name's Francesca (pronounced "Fran-chess-ca"). I go by many nicknames... Chess, Frank, Frankie, France... Gloss. Call me anything you'd like as long as it's not the dreaded "Fran."

I'm now the sole writer of Polishment (as astute readers may have already guessed). If you want to check in on Varnish's activities, check out her new blog, CommuniDIY.

Here at Polishment, I plan to do more giveaways, keep you updated on color & design trends, get going on a couple video tutorials and, of course, keep the 80s references and cat jokes coming.

Now that you know my real name, feel free to check out my Pinterest board dedicated to all things Polishment! I guarantee you'll feel inspired. The link's over to the left.

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