My Funny Valentine

I waited too long to post this back when Valentine's happened eons ago. I should have shown this to you the week before so that you could have had time to pick out supplies if this inspired you. But I couldn't get my act together — sorry! So now I'm posting one month after... which, to my crazy mind, seemed better than a day or two late. :D

I had been hunting for Revlon's Facets of Fuchsia for a couple weeks with Valentine's Day ideas in mind. It was HTF at first, and what started as mere annoyance began to turn to dread. Was it gone?!

Nope! Turns out it was such a huge success that Revlon's added Facets of Fuchsia to its regular lineup, with a small twist; it is now called "Scandalous." [Side note: Revlon added "Starry Pink" to the lineup, too, now known as "Popular."]

I bought some heart-shaped glitter at my beauty supply store and my plan was complete. Check it out!

I bought some holographic gold star glitter, too... so keep your eyes peeled for that to make its debut one of these days!

xxo, and happybelatedvalentine'sday, GLOSS