Essie — A Crewed Interest & Luxeffects

Essie's spring collection is now available! Honestly, they can do no wrong.  Without a doubt, Essie is my favorite line of nail polish.  Their colors are gorgeous and unique; in the color department, Essie takes the cake.  Their application is flawless.  Their knack for fashion is on point.

Needless to say their spring collection is gorgeous....just as I suspected!

I haven't purchased the whole collection yet, but a couple colors have graced my stashed, including Navigate Her and A Crewed Interest.

Thus far, I am in love with A Crewed Interest!

I am always hunting for the perfect pale pink; one that is not too sheer or streaky; one that has me gawking at it and commenting aloud to myself, "damn, I love this color."

True story.  Ask any of my friends.

Well, A Crewed Interest is it!  A gorgeous pale pink, with a slight touch of peach in it....

Then I gave this pink a beautiful shimmer with Essie's Luxeffects in Shine Of The Times....a polish I had been hemming and hawing over for weeks until I commited to its purchase.

And boy and I glad I did!

The Luxeffects gives a very sbutle sparkle that changes color in the light, from an orangey pink to gold and to green, sure to make you stare at your nails in the sunlight all day!  Interested to see how luxeffects looks over other nail polish colors....

XOXO, Varnish