I check Yahoo! on the reg because I like to know what America is reading. It also thrills me to see things on Yahoo!'s front page that I've read about two weeks ago. /snarky /smug Let's just say Yahoo!'s content and the stories that they link to are typically bottom of the barrel. So let's take anything they say with a grain of salt.

That said... imagine my disappointment to see THIS in an article titled "Beauty Mistakes That Turn Men Off."

And from Allure, no less! I love Allure! And they hype "neon, dark and patterned" manicures in like, every issue, so... whatever.

I really wish they'd cite their source on this. Was it one guy at a bar who made an insulting comment? Did a roving frat party descend on a nail salon and start throwing bottles they deemed "intimidating" (?) to the floor like so many grenades?

The guys I know dig nail polish and love to see what creative manicures my friends and I come up with next, and I hope my dear readers enjoy the same admiration from the men they know, too.

xxo, GLOSS