Blue Period — Ikat

According to WikIpedia, Ikat is a dyeing technique used to pattern textiles that employs a resist dyeing process similar to tie-dye on either the warp or weft fibres. This is a very popular print in textiles and upholstery:

But, if you are anything like me, you probably are more familiar with the ikat fabrics that have been gracing the runway:

I did some research on ikat nails, as all good homemade manicurists do, and I was able to find these super fun ikat nails made by other homemade manicurists:

(by concreteandnailpolish)

(by chaoticwithin)

(From refinery29)

(by Mr. Candiipants.  You can watch a video for them here.)

Or if you prefer, try this ikat print nail sticker by ncLA:

My inspiration for this next blue manicure, is this amazing ikat dress work by Heidi Klum:

First, here are the tools you will need to complete your ikat nail:

Cover nails in base coats and let dry.  Then cover nails in two coats of Sinful Colors' Snow Me White and let dry completely:

Then using a fine tip paint brush and Loreal's Jet Set To Paris, carefully and creatively paint on some fun blue shapes:

I can't really describe the shapes here, so just follow these photos for inspiration:

Make sure these are dry before moving onto the next step, which requires Sally Hansen's Nail Art Pen in Bright Blue and Black:

Using the Bright Blue pen first, following with the Black pen, make short and small dashes around the larger blue shapes you just painted.  Again, I can't really describe this, so just check out the pics.  You really cannot mess this us, so just have fun!

Let dry completely, and I mean COMPLETELY, before putting on your top coat.  These pens are tricky and they will bleed hours later when applying the top coat.  I suggesting going to bed and then applying your top coat in the morning.

Honestly, these are my new favorite nails.  I cannot get enough of them!

Special thanks to my hand model, Jana!  Meow!

(Proper placement of ikat and baby snow leopard....for effect, of course!) 

XOXO- Varnish