Refresh your memory....Zoya promotion from early January

Remember this Zoya promotion from early January? Yeah, I hardly do either.

Luckily, Gloss, as well as most everyone I know, received their Zoya polishes within a couple weeks of ordering.

I, on the other hand, had no luck.

My story begins on the 8th of January when I eagerly place my order with Zoya (Dove and Minka).

About two weeks later, when I heard of others receiving their orders, I realized I had never even received an email confirming the packaged had been shipped.  So, I emailed Zoya, making sure to attach my original confirmation email, asking where my order was and if it has been sent yet.

They never responded :(

But about three days later I received an email from Zoya confirming that my package had been shipped on January 24th, which was the same day this email was sent, two weeks after my order was originally placed.

Oh well, no worries.  It's a promotion, so they were probably crazy busy!....reminding myself to be patient and thankful for the special promotion for two free bottles of polish!

About a week later, I came home from work to find this package at my door!

Thrilled, I dove in head first!

This is what I found!


Only one bottle of polish and NOT either of the two colors I originally ordered on the 8th of January, three weeks prior.

(Exhibit A: Dove and Minka on the packaging slip) 

Immediately, I was filled with grief and anguish

Ok ok, I'm being dramatic.  But if you are as obsessed with nail polish as me, then you understand.

To top it off, Zoya is on the east coast, which means I had to wait until morning to contact them to notify them of their mistake.

How would I sleep, tossing and turning with nightmares of lacquer delays?!?

Alas, I made it through the night and place my call directly after my shower, hair wet and all!  I prepared for the worst, expecting Zoya to deny me my Dove and Minka!

I called, spoke with customer service about the mistake, they apologized, and approximately three minutes later they confirmed my original package via email, and put it on a rush order!  Not even asking me to return the color they sent me by mistake!

No attitude from the customer service agent or anything (you know how they can be)!


Three days later, my Dove and Minka arrived!

So, yes, I had to wait about a month to get them, but in the meantime I obtained another free polish, Zoya's Jaunita, due to their mistake.

(In order from left to right- Minka, Dove, and Juanita) 

And, I have to say, although it took forever and I was salivating for weeks with thoughts of unconsummated nail polish orders, I am quite pleased with the results!

- Varnish Varnish