Spotted: Mademoiselle Marie — Part Nine

On aesthetics alone, Marie's mani silver glitter gelicure is out of this world. I know I have a penchant for glitter (and it IS glitter month) but I'd be pleased to post this, no matter the theme. It's lovely.

And then you lock in on the accent nail. It's holographic! Not holographic glitter. She's sporting actual holograms. And when I hear "hologram," obviously only one thing springs to mind.
A dear friend of mine is what we'll call a "spring chicken." More like a "spring chick." I tried to explain the storyline of Jem and it sounded so crazy, I just quit while I was ahead. That aside, this manicure is something that any of The Holograms would have rocked for sure.

No need to be a Misfit. You want this look? Here's what to do!

Marie goes to Marie's Nails on 3rd Street here in Los Angeles. Her good friend Shigeko Kawaguchi is the artist responsible for Marie's polished look. Show her this pic and she'll know just what to do.

Stay tuned for a new Mademoiselle Marie post next week.

Stay Shiny, GLOSS