The Polish Addict's "Lacquer Lexicon"

Yesterday, in All Aboard, I explained that the nail polish blogging world can seem somewhat foreign at first. Sometimes it's like we nail polish aficionados are speaking a different language — and we sort of are. Like any closely-knit or subject-specific community, there's some key jargon that you must know. Nobody's put together a better list than The Polish Addict. If you love nails and have not checked out that blog, that should be your next stop. In the meantime, allow me to share her Lexicon with you.

The ones that I see most often are VHTF/HTF, Franken and Dupe. Later this week, I'll fill you in on a lemming of my own that I can now consider captured AND I'll show you not one but TWO glitter manicures... using HTFs, no less.

xxo, GLOSS