All Aboard!

Delving into the world of nail blogs can feel like a very long, very foreign adventure. I began my descent in 2007; it was around this time that I began to subscribe to my first nail polish brand newsletter. Whenever a new collection from Essie came out, I was one of the first (okay, few thousand) to know. One day, after seeing a particularly intriguing shade, I thought to myself, "I wonder what that would look like. In real life." But how was I to know? I suppose I could buy it — or try it — but I wanted to know immediately.

Google's a crucial player in nearly every aspect of my waking life, but when it comes specifically to my personal life, I have developed a pitiful habit. I like to ask Google questions as if it were a Magic 8 Ball.

And so, I asked Google, "What does Essie's 'Bags to Riches' look like in real life?" I wasn't surprised to see that Google trotted back to me in less than one second, carrying a million sources in its little robot mouth.  (My first and favorite search engine was Dogpile and I still like to say to Google, "Go fetch!")

Not only did I discover that Essie's Bags to Riches is pretty hideous, but I made a much more shocking discovery than that. What I found... were nail blogs. Actual blogs written all about nails! Nail shapes, nail colors, nail trends, nail art!

First, I felt comforted. There were others like me! Others who love the shine of a freshly-painted nail! Then, I felt threatened. These nail bloggers... they had so many followers. They posted so often, and posted so many colors! So many comments... Oh, GOD! Is nail polish a Thing now?

Well, yes. It was a Thing, it's been growing into a Bigger Thing, and I think it's fair to say that, as of 2012, it's a THING. A Huge THING.

It's tempting to feel that same Gollum-like jealousy that came over me when I heard that some of my favorite junior high reading material, L.J. Smith's The Vampire Diaries, was going to be made into a TV show. The idea of a million pleebs ruining my secret treasure was almost too much to bear.

Well, that's one way to look at it. I came to realize that sometimes, the more is truly the merrier. And I hope you think so too, because it's the only way Polishment can be justified. We know there are lots of other nail blogs out there, and we love them too. But not as much as we love you for stopping by. :)

Here at Polishment, we say, "Come one, come all, you nail polish lovers! Welcome, you nail art D-I-Yers! Jump on the bandwagon, because we're off on a great adventure and there's plenty of room for all!"

Andoffwego, GLOSS