Nubar — Violet Sparkle

There's something you should know about me.

I have a very Violet past.

Heh. As a part of my GLITTER Month (!) here’s a new glitter mani for you: Nubar Violet Sparkle.

I am just now getting into Nubar. It was hard for me to find Nubar here in Los Angeles since it doesn’t lurk in your local Sally’s, nor even the well-stocked Wilshire Beauty Supplies, but now that I know where to look, I’m hooked.  I’ve only tried out three Nubar shades — but I bought many more than that — so get ready to see a healthy amount of Nubar in the future!

I was pumped to try out Nubar, period, but there was one entire series that had me salivating. Of course I’m talking about Nubar’s Sparkles collection from Spring 2010. You MUST click on this link to check out swatches for the whole set from the wonderful Scrangie. (Scrangie, you are a priceless gem for painting such awesome swatches!)

It’s hard for me to pick a favorite color, but purple’s usually high on my list. Thus, Nubar Violet Sparkle was a have-to-have.

What’s really interesting about this color is that the base is clear! It’s not tinted, like China Glaze Ruby Pumps. Instead, Nubar relies on its high-quality microglitter to handle the coverage. I really wanted to show you how quickly the coverage builds, so I took some coat-by-coat shots.

As you can see, the finish is very, very gritty (and matte!)... but it didn't bother me. I slapped on a generous layer of Seche Vite top coat, and it smoothed things over. A little texture was still detectable, but it didn't drive me crazy and probably would have been less noticeable if I'd done only two coats.

Just before I took this off, I painted over it with a matte top coat and it looked awesome. Sorry I forgot to take a pic! But just letting you know that it's worth a try, or could be a great way to easily switch up your look mid-week.

Now let's match up these eye-catching Nubar Sparkle Collection colors with some of my favorite nail-loving ladies:

  • Bubbles Echo: Sky Sparkle (light turquoise-y blue) would be out of your comfort zone, but so fun for summer!
  • Kilo Whiskey aka KIM: Meadow Sparkle (light green) to match your eyez.
  • Lima Alpha: Hyacinth Sparkle (light lavender) since purple's your favorite, too.
  • MSB Chic: Petunia Sparkle (magenta-y) would look great with your wardrobe & coloring.
  • Whiskey Mike: Petunia Sparkle (magenta-y) since you and MSB don't even know each other, lol. It would look great on you, too! :)
  • VARNISH: Night Sparkle (deep deep blue) would be such a statement and match every outfit.

Has anyone else fallen in love with Nubar’s sparkles?