Breaking News — The ZOYA Has Landed


I received a delightful package just minutes ago! The ZOYA colors I ordered from that awesome giveaway have just arrived!

Pippa is a softer yellow than what I expected. She seems to be baby chick yellow as opposed to lemon yellow; probably for the best, much more wearable. Isla remains a mystery. I'll have to wear her before I truly know. Malia is deeper than I expected, much less pastel, but I'll have to see it on. And finally, Dree. In real life, Dree is truly olive, as in "the color of the olives I ask for in my martinis." I think Dree will be best used with some Nail Artz. Hmm...

Oh! ZOYA sent a palette (visible in photo above) showing all 12 colors from their latest collection, plus their three new Fleck Effects. And a pamphlet with little dots of every single color they have. Oh, I love a good piece of collateral. Very nice giveaway, very nice package. And can we talk about speed? I only placed my order on January 6th! I am really impressed. One and a half weeks later, and here we are.

I am SO excited! The only bummer (I use "bummer" v. loosely) is that I have planned my nail color (which you know I update weekly) through the end of March... So we'll have to wait and see how I end up using these unless I happen to coerce one of my friends into hand modeling again. :)

How about y'all that took advantage of ZOYA's promotion? Have yours arrived yet?

Wheeeee, GLOSS