Spotted: Mademoiselle Marie — Part Eight

Well, the month is nearly halfway over and I realized that I forgot to tell you...

...that I came up with a theme for my January posts!

It wasn’t technically deliberate. I was coming up with my Nail Planz for the month and it seemed like almost everything was revolving around…


So, last week brought you Marie’s (and my!) Red Sparkle Mani plus Alpha’s Gobs of Gold Glitter. And we can't forget Whiskey's Snow Globe Mani.

Between now and the end of January, you can expect four (yes, four) more glitter-centric manicures, modeled by moi. And did I mention that two of these will feature HTFs?! (That’s “hard to find,” if you’re new to the nail blogger lingo.)

We’ll also talk about the various types of glitter, which of course leads us to the best way to get all that glitter off!

For today, I shall leave you with another one of Marie’s marvelous manicures. And yeah... there's glitter.

If you've been loving Mademoiselle Marie's manis (the eighth installment already... hard to believe!) then give thanks this day, because it's her birthday. :) SHOUT OUT TO MY PAL MARIE!!

Marie goes to Marie's Nails on 3rd Street here in Los Angeles. Her good friend Shigeko Kawaguchi is the artist responsible for Marie's polished look.

Stay tuned for a new Mademoiselle Marie post next week.

allthatglittersisnotgold,buthotdamnyouknowiloveit, GLOSS