Spotted: Sparkling Snow Globe Manicure

The ladies (and a few gentlemen) of my office are so creative with their manicures! Although the entire office's obsession with Pinterest is partly responsible, I think our greatest source of inspiration is... each other. <3 Collectively, we hold ourselves to some pretty high standards.

Check out my pal Whiskey's* ** white winter manicure — she calls it "Snow Globe." It's the closest I'll be getting to snow out here in Los Angeles, that's for sure.

Nosnowsowhat, GLOSS

*This blog is anonymous, to protect the obsession of those featured; I used to pick aliases based on the military alphabet, but I know too many "W" and "A" people, so there are multiple Whiskeys and Alphas floating around. We'll have to come up with a new system...

**Remember Whiskey? We have her to thank for tipping us off to the ZOYA giveaway! Gotta give credit where credit is due. :)