Chic Prints for Nails — Sephora by OPI: An Epilogue

I had a vague memory of trying out "Chic Prints for Nails — Sephora by OPI" this past autumn. I knew I didn't like them; I remembered they were difficult to apply, the sizes seemed weird and they peeled off almost immediately.

If anyone reading this has EVER had a good experience with these, please please write in the comments because I am convinced they are the worst nail creation in existence.

I really shouldn't be complaining because, after my dismal experience with Cosmic Stars, Sephora Customer Service very generously gave me a full store credit for both Chic Prints I'd purchased: Cosmic Stars and Chrome Lace. They asked that I send them the remnants of Cosmic Stars for testing (postage paid, no less) and said I could do whatever I liked with Chrome Lace.

I'm a hoarder, so obviously I kept Chrome Lace in the bowels of my nail polish storage under my bathroom sink.

Over the weekend, I happened to be digging around when the banished Chic Prints sparkled at me like a newborn star. I could not resist. As I held the package up to the light, slowly turning it this way and that to watch the appliqués twinkle back at me, I had a flash of recollection.

"No!" shouted my better judgement. "No, these are bad! Don't you remember? How they only last for 1-2 days? Don't you remember the struggle, the sadness... the hideousness? Don't you remember when one of the foul appliqués pulled out several strands of your hair? Don't you remember anything at all??!"

"Sshhh," I murmured. (In my defense, I was also sick with a growing sinus infection. I was not thinking clearly.) "I have an event that I plan to drag my carcass to tomorrow and I want my nails to be pretty."

I stared at the glowing silver appliqués. So shiny. So silvery. "So pretty..."

And so I lumbered off to the kitchen table armed with a mug of hot tea, a box of Kleenex and my nail toolz. I was ready to try again.

And here's where the story ends. I gave Chic Prints a second chance and I am bitterly disappointed. As the fisherwives say, "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me."

Let's end this on a high note.

Stay Shiny, GLOSS